Esquire's E-Ink Cover Hits Newsstands, Blinking Disappointment

Esquire's E-Ink cover may either seem like a poor idea to you, or a taster of the way things may go in the future: whichever camp you sit in, you can check it out now as it's hit the newsstands. Over at TheDastardlyReport they've got hold of one, and show its subtle-contrasted goodness in this video. Check out that blinking! It's awesome vaguely disappointing... or am I the only one to think so? Now, if it were a proper dot-matrix affair then I'd be tempted to buy the mag, assuming I could find one of the limited-edition copies. But that's just me, and YMMV. Over to you in the comments. [The Dastardly Report]


The 21st Century is going to ROCK!!