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Euros Lyn To Direct Doctor Who Movie For 2011?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Will Torchwood: Children of Earth director Euros Lyn be the man in charge of the much-rumored Doctor Who movie? Rumors say yes, and also suggest that the movie is only two years away. suggests that Lyn has already been approached for the project - confirmed as in development by the BBC and expected to be announced at this year's San Diego Comic-Con - and that the movie will be headed up by departing showrunner Russell T Davies and starring outgoing Doctor David Tennant, allowing the incoming team of Steven Moffatt and Matt Smith to concentrate on the television series. If true, then the movie will reunite Lyn with Tennant and Davies; as well as directing many episodes during their Who tenure, Lyn will helm Tennant's final episodes, including the scene regenerating the character into his new, younger, Matt Smith incarnation.


Adding fuel to the fire, Lyn, Tennant and Davies have all been confirmed to appear at Comic-Con later this month.

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