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Grilling with gas is the way to go even if you have to use a propane tank, and here's a gas version of the Eva Solo Barrel Grill that hides that funky-looking canister out of sight where no one will be the wiser. The grill is all stainless steel through and through, and has a minimalist look that might go well with your trendy outdoor kitchen. It has a protective top that lets the grill double as a patio table, and three burners to keep that steak sizzlin'.

We're liking this gas version of an already-chic design from Eva Solo. If only it were available in a natural gas version, which would make it almost worry-free. Either way, gas is good. Why waste your time futzing with all that messy and unpredictable charcoal or wood when the food just ends up tasting vaguely of lighter fluid? After all, the charcoal-broiled taste is a result of burning fat, anyway. Everybody knows that, don't they?


Product Page [Eva Solo]