There's something about the Colossal Titan that means regardless of the form it comes in, it's always weird looking. I mean, it is a giant skinless monstrosity that chomps on the last of humanity, but it's an impressive feat that it still manages to get the creep factor in. Just look at that tiny, hulking body!

Yes, Funko's relentless and unstoppable march across the toy industry until Funko Pops flow like Arrakis spice continues unabated with yet another reveal, this time with a set of toys based on the ridiculously popular Anime/Manga series Attack on Titan. The first wave features protagonists Eren and Mikasa in their scout uniforms, the Rogue Titan, and the plus sized, 6-inch tall Colossal Titan that you see above. I'm still undecided if it's the teeny muscular body or the gigantic muscular head that freaks me out more. Here's the rest:

The figures are due to arrive later this month, and will keep coming until the untold legions of Pop! Vinyls consume the Earth.


[via Toy News International]

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