Now this is creative - Flickr User and Lego fan Finn Tegotash made this brilliant recreation of Bilbo's confrontation with Smaug in The Desolation Of Smaug, building Smaug's lego-y face out of a cavalcade of brown pieces - including scales created built out of little lego chair pieces.

Finn made the diorama for part of a custom build contest at Mocpages, and it's packed full of great details - discarded Lego Gimli helmets among Smaug's gold, the brilliant Dwarven statue supporting the column Bilbo is hiding behind, and of course the brilliant Smaug itself:


His eyes - actually the eye of Sauron found inside Lego Saruman's palantir - even light up! I also particularly love the use of string threaded between the Lego base to recreate dwarven runes (they read 'Smaug' apparently). From top to bottom, this is a pretty bloody fantastic display!

Also, a million times better than the Lego Smaug we actually got.

[The Brothers Brick]

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