Home Made Robots battling each other for our entertainment is nothing new - hello, Robot Wars - but what if you pit one crappy Robot against another in a battle to determine who is the least awful? Don't worry, Japan's got us covered.


Late last month 'Hebocon' saw 31 (well, 30 actually, one contestant actually left their Robot on the train) Japanese builders construct the worst possible home made robots they could, and face off against each other for glory and shame. Well, okay, mostly shame.


But still, there's some great moments in this awesome recap of the event, triumph and defeat. And some laughably awful/brilliant Robot creations, wielding weapons from pointy shells to doll legs, to sachets of soup and, errr, even vibrators.

Rock on, crappy Robots! You show them who's boss.

[via Laughing Squid]

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