Even Karate-Mad Hermits Can't Resist Owning Cellphones In Japan

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I thought hermits kept busy plastering windows with newspaper and collecting Pot Noodle cups. This Japanese hermit, while burying himself in the hills and practicing nunchuck skillz, has his own website and answers phonecalls—while being interviewed on TV.


At 68 years of age, the Japanese hermit moves faster and has better eyesight than any of us, probably due to the fact he is a former karate champ. 16 years ago he moved to the Aichi prefecture of Japan to become a hermit, but as shown in this crazy Japanese TV segment about him, he just can't give up communicating with the outside world. I feel his pain. [Heiseisennin via Japan Probe]

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I can't see the video but his lifestyle sounds like what the future holds for most of us, minus the martial arts skills. In the distant future, I imagine most of us will be cooped up in our nursing home cubbyholes happily commenting/twittering/facebooking away all day long. Hell, I'd do that now if it weren't for my pesky job...and the lack of a robot to clean & feed me. :(