Despite being pretty certain that the Zune Phone was already in development, we haven't had many details about its featureset, timeline, or, well, anything else. Now we do.


The FCC Filing we saw yesterday from Microsoft looks to be actually for the Zune, allowing the music phone to use 4G WiMax to communicate. Not only communicate, but to use VoIP over the fast 4G network.

It gets better.

With the new 4G network, one of the main complaints, that there are no users to share with becomes a thing of the past. Now, under WiMax, Microsoft is going to allow you to share songs with anybody, as long as they have a Zune Phone and the same WiMax plan.


So who's going to provide WiMax for Microsoft? Or more succinctly, who's this phone going to launch under? It looks like Sprint/Nextel, who announced last year that they were going to build a WiMax network.

Other details say that there's going to be an official announcmenet before March 17, with a FCC filing and a launch in May. May? That kind of accelerated timeline seems to be a little outrageous, but that's what the word on the street is now.


However, it's still early and details could change, but things are looking up for the Zune Phone after all.

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