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Even Simpler: Tiny Phone Makes Phone Calls and That's It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While we were perusing the Willcom R9 cellphone in hopes of finding the most simple handset in the world, into our inbox pops this design by a talented amateur that's about as straightforward as a phone can possibly be. What a concept: a 3.14-inch cellphone that just makes phone calls. Easy as Pi.

There's no email, no Web browsing, no garage door opener—nothing but the necessary voice in-and-out functions and four simple keys, each of which lets you enter three numbers. Rock the key to the left and you've entered one number, push it downward, there's another and rock that key to the right, and you've entered another. Simple. Just look at the pics of this tiny and useful thing:


And look at that spring-loaded see-through display for caller ID info. Pop the display open and it looks like a straight razor. The next RAZR? Perhaps it could be called the STR8 RAZR. Somebody, build this phone, now.


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