Even The Background Star Wars Characters Are Getting Expensive Toys

Star Wars has a long history of merchandising everything, right down to the characters you see in the movies for mere moments. Who doesn't remember heroes like Toryn Farr, Willrow Hood or Yak Face (apologies, Saelt-Marae)? Now even characters seen for literal seconds are getting the Hot Toys treatment.

I'll forgive you if at first you baulk at the Spacetrooper being from the movies rather than an old Expanded Universe concept, but no. Several of them appear in A New Hope, standing on the exterior of the Death Star docking bay the Millennium Falcon is tractor beamed into:


See those wee little fellas, on screen for the cinematic equivalent of the blink of an eye? Not even they can escape the power of the Force Merchandising. Hot Toys have taken the opportunity of the upcoming Star Wars Celebration to sell the Spacetrooper as a fancy convention exclusive for fans attending.

Naturally heavily based on Hot Toy's already fabulous Stormtrooper figure, the Spacetrooper's bonus addition is mainly their cool little space backpack, presumably filled with Oxygen so they don't promptly pop their clogs in the vacuum of space (although given how readily Han and Luke remove their Stormtrooper helmets during the movie, is that armour really sealed against vacuum?). They also get a rad looking blaster rifle that has not one, but two scopes attached, and perhaps my favourite bonus:


A special pointing finger.

An exclusive pointing finger, so you can pose the wee fella doing the only thing we ever see him do on film. They did it. They did the thing, everyone. Pack your bags, go home, etc. This is the most ridiculous, wonderful commitment to a short-lived background character in Toy history.


The Spacetrooper is exclusive to Star Wars Celebration for now — if you're attending, it'll presumably set you back the same price as the Stormtrooper does, around $200. Hot Toys imply they'll open it up for preorders at a later date, so maybe don't go hunting down priced-up versions on eBay if you're not going.


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