Everex $200 Linux gPC Gets Tested, Verdict: Great Deal

Illustration for article titled Everex $200 Linux gPC Gets Tested, Verdict: Great Deal

When Everex's gPC hit store shelves at Wal-Mart recently, the hope was that it could bring Linux to the masses while providing all of the value that a $200 price tag would entail. The folks at Wired put the gPC through its paces and determined that it does represent a fantastic deal for computer users with basic needs.


They found that the gOS based on Ubuntu Linux 7.01 and the Enlightenment E17 interface was stable and ran smoothly on the hardware—it was also fast enough to handle multiple active applications. There are some drawbacks of course (gPC doesn't work with dial-up internet service for starters), but all in all it seems that the gPC would be a great basic computer for anyone on a budget, or any Linux guru looking for a fun project. [Wired Gadget Lab]


Anyone else notice Wal-Mart is also selling an upgraded version with 1GB ram and Windows Vista Basic for only $99 more? Different case design, but the other specs seem to be the same.