Everglide - For Holding Stuff, Not Sex

No, the Everglide is not a new product from your friends at KY. It's a bag that is mobile for all circumstances. In one setup, it's a wheeled bag. In another, it's a backpack. And in the third, ultimate setup, the Everglide becomes a bag with a bike attached (or vice versa).

Put a little more clearly:

Everglide identifies a missing link in people's movement habits, and is consequently designed for the 'last-mile' - the short distance; between home public transport and the end destination - integrating transport and carrying-ability.


A finalist in the Dyson Design Awards, we really enjoy the idea of a James Bondesque rideable bag. I mean, we'd honestly never hop on a bike that looked so stupid, but two thumbs up for the plans. More pictures after the jump.


Everglide [dyson]

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