Evernote: 'All of Your Passwords Got Stolen So We'll Hurry Up With That Better Security'

Illustration for article titled Evernote: All of Your Passwords Got Stolen So Well Hurry Up With That Better Security

Evernote was forced to reset passwords for all its users over the weekend after noticing something fishy. Now, the company says it will adopt two-factor authentication to prevent further mishaps. Finally!


InformationWeek reports a statement from a company spokesman claiming that two-factor authentication was on the way all along. After the hack, the plans are "accelerating". We would hope so.


Two-factor authentication isn't impossible to crack, but it sure makes your account a little harder to infiltrate than without. All companies should take this cue. *cough Twitter cough* We've asked Evernote about what method of authentication it plans to use, and when you can expect the new security to kick in. We'll update when we hear back. [InformationWeek]

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At least they've identified the problem, made it transparent to their users, and have vowed to close it (From my perspective anyhow). It's a blemish on them, that's for sure, but they seem to have handled it pretty well.