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The new skunkworks project from Swiss retailer MiCasa—MiCasa Lab—is all about giving scientists, engineers, and crazy people a safe space to work on the types of projects that might otherwise go unsupported due to a lack of "practicality" or "commercial viability" or "any reason for existence whatsoever." And thank god it does—otherwise we might never have had the wonderful, life-affirming pleasure of looking upon this tiny-hat-wearing puppy atop a magic carpet.


The levitating rug makes use of six sets of neodymium magnets—the strongest type of permanent magnet currently produced—and is currently able to support a pet weighing 5lbs up to 3in, approximately. An upcoming incarnation, though, promises to hold a 22lb pet up to 8in high. So let's hope Mr. Jingles ain't scared of heights.

The pug-supporting carpet is just one of a cornucopia of innovative products (mobile phones worn as piercings, air-powered motorcycles, etc.) to come out of MiCasa, which is being built into a product development center called the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery. Unfortunately, none of the projects currently have plans to become commercially available. But with the ultimate dream being a flying carpet fit for a human, here's to hoping that changes—and soon. [Wired]


Photos by Helena Karlsson, courtesy of Wired

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