Every national anthem in the world mixed into one single song

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They should make this the anthem for the World Cup or the Olympics: The national anthems of all the countries in the world—193 of them—mixed in one song. It doesn't sound that bad at the beginning and then it starts getting crazy. Finally, it gets scary when all the final crescendoes ramp up simultaneously.

According to its creator, "the piece begins with the national anthem of Uruguay, Himno Nacional de Uruguay, which is commonly regarded as the longest in the world, and usually runs between four and seven minutes in performance. Seven seconds later, the anthem of Guatemala (Himno Nacional de Guatemala, colloquially known as Guatemala Feliz!) enters, followed soon after by the distinctive drums and trumpets of the Algerian anthem Qassaman. Then, in quick succession, there is Mexico, Turkey, Brazil and Vietnam. Most of the rest of the South American anthems enter at this point, along with a couple of European anthems, and Libya."


And so on. He synchronized the anthems around the crescendo itself, which is why some anthems start earlier than others.

I made the top GIF from mixing various faces from different races here.

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