Every Room in My House Needs a Voice-Tracking, Licorice-Launching Catapult

If there was a downside to snacking on candy at the office all day, it would be the inconvenience of having to interrupt your work to actually fetch some processed sugar. It’s a pain that hacker Vije Miller knew all to well, until he built a licorice-launching catapult that automatically flings candy in the direction of his voice command.

We’re going to knock off a few “OMG that’s so cool!” points for Miller’s use of Red Vines in his contraption, instead of the vastly superior Twizzlers. But the fact that he can almost instantly summon a snack by simply asking his robot Jacob for a Red Vine, no matter where he is in a room, is enough to make us consider switching to the lesser licorice for convenience sake.

[YouTube via Hackaday]


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Neither Twizzlers nor red ropes are “licorice”. They’re bland sugar-wheat tubes.

Real licorice is black. You’re Fake News.