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"Everyone My Age Pees His Pants": Happy 48th, Adam Sandler

It was a busy day here at Giz: Somebody talked about some stuff, and then we talked about that stuff, too. With all the excitement around here, you'd be forgiven if you forgot about the day's other big news. It's Adam Sandler's birthday, you guys.


The buzz on Sandler as he begins his 48th year on earth is that he's taken what very well may be an Oscar-winning turn as a sex addict in Jason Reitman's Men, Women and Children, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this week. But who cares about all that? Today, let us immerse ourselves in the brilliance of Sandler's most mindless slapstick film. And that would be Billy Madison.

Almost 20 years later, the film is still ridiculously funny and infinitely quotable—plus it's extremely timely during this back to school season. For most of my college years, this was the benchmark for late-night comedy. Sandler may have eventually made his descent into "serious" movies, but he was at his best when Billy was trying to pass the third grade. O'Doyle rules!!! [Google Play]

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I see you are covering all your bases by reminding people what a busy day you've had, so no one can ask you "slow news day, Gizmodo?" Its reasonable to anticipate such a question when you do a article on a celeb birthday, Adam Sandler no less. That's random for even Gizmodo.