Everyone Needs Firesheep Protection, Even Ashton Kutcher

Illustration for article titled Everyone Needs Firesheep Protection, Even Ashton Kutcher

Whoops! Looks like someone took over the Twitter account belonging to actor/former underwear model/producer Ashton Kutcher.


Based on the rogue tweet's references to SSL, we'd wager that the culprit behind the evil deed is most likely using Firesheep, the Firefox extension which sniffs out and hijacks browsing sessions, or a similar HTTP side-jacking tool.

Hopefully the guy or gal who has control of Kutcher's Twitter account is just a Firesheep vigilante—or similar—with no cruel intentions, but I suppose we'll probably find out soon enough.

Either way, in the future Kutcher should be sure to use some kind of Firesheep or HTTP side-jacking protection method such as BlackSheep, Firesheperd, or HTTPS Everywhere.


It's either that or he's gotta stop using shady Wi-Fi hotspots! [Twitter]



I wan't to say something mean like, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy. However, I'm trying to be a nicer person now, so I'll refrain from doing so.