The Fourth of July is one of those rare holidays that comes when the days are long, the sun is shining, and the weather is warm. It's one of the few things to look forward to during the summer, and when it finally arrives there's no room for moderation.

But when July 5th rolls around, you'll not only be staring down the monumental task of cleaning up after the day's festivities—but also returning to work since the 4th falls on a Wednesday this year. So here's everything you need to recover from your Independence Day celebrations—whether it's a hangover or a backyard that looks like a warzone.


Shower Shock Caffeinated Soaps

Since the Fourth of July does fall in the middle of the week this year, most responsible adults will be returning to work the next day. But that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. So to find the motivation you'll need to face a day at the office, these caffeinated soaps are the perfect pick-me-up.


The peppermint-scented soap and body wash provides you with about 200 milligrams of caffeine per cleaning. Giving you a much needed boost in the morning before you're able to process the necessary steps to make coffee. $3 to $13

Multi-Load Can Crusher

The BBQ reigns supreme on July 4th, but the number of cans of liquid refreshment that are emptied easily dwarfs the amount of meat you toss on the barbie. And being the responsible eco-minded individual you are, you'll want to recycle those cans—or just return them for the deposit—which is made considerably easier with this industrial crusher.


Thanks to a chrome plated metal basket you can smoosh your way through a six-pack worth of cans in mere seconds. Assuming of course your courteous guests haven't already crushed them all against their foreheads for you.$10

Weed Eater VS2000BV Blower/Vacuum

At some point you're going to have to start the long, arduous task of cleaning up after your shindig. And one of the best tools for the job is this industrial leaf blower that's capable of producing gusts up to 200 mph. It lets you easily blast your trash into your neighbor's yard. Or, if you're the responsible type, it lets you suck up everything from napkins to cutlery.


You'll just want to make sure to wear ample ear protection while using it. And not because its 25cc 2-cycle engine could damage your hearing. But because you'll probably be nursing one heck of a hangover at the time.$100

Roomba 790

For the indoor cleaning you'll need something with a little more finess than a gas leaf blower. And Roomba's latest model is a great solution for someone who barely has the ability to stand after a rowdy Fourth of July. It includes a new wireless remote that lets you program cleaning schedules without having to track down the bot first, or even crawl out of bed.


And if Roomba gets mired and stuck in a sea of bottles, cans, and discarded red, white, and blue decorations, it can also be steered to freedom using the remote. And by 'freedom' we mean back to cleaning other parts of your home. $700

Wide Expanse Water Broom

Even the strongest of vacuums can't deal with stains from spilled food, wine, or let's be frank here, vomit. No Fourth of July is ever complete without someone puking, and to really get rid of that stain after it's been baked in by the sun you need to turn to the magic wand that is a pressure washer.


But this high-pressure water broom is like seven pressure washers in one. Letting you clean a three foot wide swath in one pass. And don't be fooled by that product shot. With a long enough hose you can most certainly use this broom indoors on carpets or tile floor instead of killing yourself by scrubbing those stains by hand. $280

Tylenol Extra Strength

When stocking up on beef, booze, fireworks, sunscreen, decorations, and ice, don't forget to swing by the pharmacy and load up on some good old Tylenol too. You'll not only appreciate having a fresh supply the next day, but it will certainly come in handy when dealing with visiting family... and their kids... and their pets... etc. $10


Image by Matka Wariatka/Shutterstock