The Torch Firestarting Flashlight

So if you're really roughing it, and don't have access to AC, Wicked Lasers' Torch is the next best thing to the Looftlighter. It looks like your typical flashlight, and works like one too. But like the company's high-powered lasers, the Torch has bit of extra oomph.


How much extra oomph you ask? The flashlight's 100W halogen bulb is able to kick out 4100 lumens which is more than enough to ignite paper, or other tinder, at close range. But as long as you're careful, you can still use it in the middle of the night as a regular flashlight without setting your tent ablaze. The downside? That much brightness will drain a set of batteries in just five minutes. So it's a good thing the beam's adjustable. $180


The Practical Pyromaniac

Of course if you're looking for advice on how to start a fire, you need to turn to the experts. And we're not talking firemen, or even scientists. Nope. You need the advice from a bona-fied pyromaniac.


Author William Gurstelle has collected 25 different fire-based experiments in his book, The Practical Pyromaniac, which should leave you with all sorts of unique ideas on how to start a roaring campfire no matter what you have at your disposal. They say knowledge is power, and once you understand the basics of fire, you'll be a genuine MacGyver the next time you head out into the woods. $17

Image by Maga/Shutterstock