Excavator Mudhole Skiing Is America's Greatest Pastime

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A spinning excavator, a giant pit of mud, rednecks, reckless disregard for personal safety, speed, waterskis and moonshine, added to taste: some recipes are simply perfect.


There are a lot of questions posed by this video. Is the excavator stranded? Is this just a group of people making the best of a messy, annoying situation? Or was it placed there intentionally, as a part of some kind of perennial South Carolinian tradition; a sacred coming of age ritual known in the local dialect as gittin'r done? Lastly, when can I try this?

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Search as I may, I can find no answers. Just more questions. [Break]



There is a guy named David Rock in Canada (known as DavidsFarm on YouTube) that does stuff like this all the time, but mostly involving cars. He made a "lake" out of a plugged spring and turned a wheat farm into a a joyrider's heaven