Exclusive: Infinity Train's New Comic-Con Trailer Promises One Hell of a Wild Ride

Scenes from Infinity Train.
Image: Cartoon Network

Everyone’s felt that sinking sense of dread as a too-full train car pulls into the station and you realize that you’re going to have to fight for your life as part of your commute. In the latest trailer for Cartoon Network’s Infinity Train, exclusively on io9 (straight out of SDCC), that feeling’s what kicks Tulip van Helsing’s adventure into gear. But it doesn’t take long before the realizes she’s actually having the time of her life.


Yours truly moderated the Infinity Train panel at Comic-Con this morning with cast members Ashley Johnson (Tulip), Jeremy Crutchley (Glad-One), Ernie Hudson (Atticus), Madeline Queripel (supervising director), and Owen Dennis (series creator and voice of Sad-One) in attendance. This new trailer was aired to an almost thematic “Indigo Ballroom” of enthusiastic con-goers.

Each car of the series’ titular locomotive is an entire world unto itself and just as Tulip and her companions One-One the robot and Atticus the corgi, King of Corginia think they’ve nearly solved the mystery of how to get off the train, they’re pulled right into another wild setting. Some of the train’s worlds look to be a downright blast, but the monstrous, Sentinel-like parasites chasing Tulip and the gang from car to car make their journey as perilous as it is mind-blowing.

Infinity Train hits Cartoon Network on August 5 and we’ll have more from the cast out of Comic-Con coming up later.

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So...”a 5 night special event” means it’s a limited series a la Over the Garden Wall? Or we're getting the first 5 episodes one after another? I really hope it's the latter.