The Search for Extraterrestrial Life (SETI) Institute is holding an art contest to celebrate the Kepler space telescope and the many exoplanets it has discovered. The contest is open to US residents age 13 and up. Register by April 14th, submit art by April 21st.


Artist's impression of the Beta Pictoris system.

The contest prize is inclusion in the online art gallery used by NASA:

There will be publicity in a variety of news, educational and NASA-related media highlighting the Top 100. And for all of the participants, it will be an educational and hopefully rewarding opportunity to learn about, and reflect on, the significance and discoveries of the Kepler Mission.


To keep things fair, submissions will be split into two age groups for youth, and into amateur and professional artist categories for adults. Winners will be selected partly by a vote of their peers, and partly by a judges panel.

Sound like fun? Head over to the Kepler Art website to register by April 14th, and submit your final artwork by April 21st.


Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech