Explaining The Entire Plot Of Kick-Ass Just Makes Us Want To See It More

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The new Kick-Ass trailer is out, and it pretty much narrates the entire film — which only makes us more desperate to fill in the ultra-violent, blatantly wrong and nasty blanks. Plus the A-Team trailer has turned up online too.

Here's the new Kick-Ass trailer — you can watch it in high res over at Yahoo! Movies.

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And the A-Team trailer turned up online earlier today. Like James Bond and MacGyver, The A-Team takes place in a world of slightly fantastic technologies, but I'm not sure it's quite science-fictional enough for us — on the other hand, as reader Chris Hunt points out, it does have a tank flying through the sky. Anyway, judge for yourself. It's no longer online in an embeddable format, but here's a non-embeddable version on Youtube. (Thanks OMGWTFLOLBBQBYE!)


[Kick-Ass trailer via Collider]