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We all know about the Internet's illegal movie sites, but what's a law-abiding netizen to do if they want a quick movie fix from the comfort of their PC. ExtremeTech has gone through the trouble of taking five of today's most popular movie services out for a spin.


Their verdict...?


CinemaNow is the most mature movie download site we've reviewed, and the only to let you burn DVDs of Hollywood content that will play in a regular DVD player.


We Say: CinemaNow is MS' bitch, requiring both IE Explorer and Windows Media Player 10, but it's one of the few to offer adult content. Respect.


MovieFlix has no player/manager software that you need to download. It relies on its web site and RealPlayer to get you the movies you want.

We Say: At $7.95/month it's one of the cheapest out there, and it works with Macs. But as ET points out, it requires the use of RealPlayer's ghetto popup-loving player.


Lots of movies and shows included for $9.99 a month, but you can't purchase movies permanently and the selection doesn't include current DVD blockbusters.


We Say: Hope you like Pretty Woman cause those are the kinda movies you'll be watching.


Does a good job of getting you recent, popular titles at decent resolution...but there's no subscription option to access a library of films.


We Say: Good for those afraid of commitment.

Amazon Unbox

We found Unbox to be one of the best services we tested, in terms of ease of use, content selection, and picture quality.


We Say: Granted, Amazon offers the most flexibility when it comes to movie download sites, but personally we prefer to get our movies via our Xbox 360 especially since MS made the smart choice of tempting us with HD downloads (of the movie sites above only CinemaNow offers HD content, and not a good selection either).

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