Ezra Miller Still Thinks the Flash Movie Will Connect the 'Disparate Pieces' of the DC Film Universe

Ezra Miller as the Flash.
Ezra Miller as the Flash.
Image: Warner Bros.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard much about the Flash movie, set to star Ezra Miller as the speedster, reprising his role from Justice League. As the ongoing cohesion of the universe has sort of fallen to the wayside, the film, too, has shifted out of the spotlight, with much more attention placed on Aquaman and the in-production Birds of Prey.


Our most concrete update in a long time came from Miller himself, who spoke recently about the film, giving some new info on the production and the intentions behind the movie. According to Miller (hat tip to Comic Book Resources for finding the clip), the film is still planned to be a multiversal outing, one that will connect the “disparate pieces” of the DC film universe while also creating what Miller calls “a speedster multiverse.” In other words, there will be universe hopping and probably time travel, which is well in keeping with the Flash mythos in general and older rumors about the film, which pegged the plot to the Flashpoint event.

Miller also intimates that the film is still in the writing stage, and that it won’t be made until—or if—they find a satisfactory script. The more we know, the more mysteries abound.

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I get the feeling that Ezra is a really nice guy, and nobody wants to be the one to tell him that it’s not gonna happen.

But it’s not gonna happen.