F-16 Pilot Drops Bomb on Tulsa, Accidentally

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So, ok, everyone makes a mistake sometimes, but few of us have ever dropped a bomb from our fighter jet by accident, as happened late last week in Tulsa. Luckily, it was a dummy practice bomb, filled with nothing more exciting than a smoke charge, and apparently it wasn't the pilot's fault. But it did still drop right through one guy's apartment. Miraculously no one was hurt, though the unlucky guy himself is still a little amazed by it all:

It sounds fairly dubious, but it seems that shortly after take-off, one 22-pound BDU-33 dummy bomb from a group of six just "fell off" one of the F16s that was heading for a practice bombing run in Kansas. The first indication that something was amiss was apparently at the bombing range itself, where only five impacts were recorded from that aircraft.


There I was thinking that flyers were heroic, intelligent keen-eyed guys. I mean, you'd think you'd notice bombing Tulsa wouldn't you? Mind you, I've never been there. [Danger room]



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