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Fab28, Smeg's Hippest Retro Refrigerator is Heading Stateside

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After almost a decade of waiting, Smeg's Fab28 fridge is heading our way. It comes in all sorts of colors, and has 9.22 cubic feet of space. Available in the UK as a giant Union Jack, what's the betting that if it's a success, the Fab28 will come in a Stars 'n Stripes version? Full specs below.

Capacity 9.22 Cu. Ft.

Antibacterial interior

Interior light

3 adjustable glass shelves

1 bottle storage shelf

1 fixed glass shelf

1 fruit and vegetable container

1 dairy box

2 adjustable covered bins

2 bottle storage bins

4 adjustable bins

2 egg bins

1 ice cube tray

Climatic class: T

Energy consumption: 305 kWh/ year

Voltage: 120 V

Current: 10 A

Frequency: 60 Hz

Dimensions (h x w x d ) 57

x 23

x 27


Gross weight: 181.4 lbs

Net weight: 156.5 lbs

There's no word on price as yet, but if it costs around

780 in the UK, then it's not exactly going to be cheap. [Smeg USA via Cool Hunting]