Fabrik Launches Pro Hard Drive Line, Online Backup Service

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Today Fabrik announed that they are launching a pro line to accompany their designer line of drives released last year. The Simple, Pro, and Pro Duo all have features such as a stackable design, security locks, eSata (Pro and Dual Pro) and Raid 0 (Pro only) connections. The eSATA connection transfers at 445 Mb/sec while transferring with eSATA and Raid 0 bumps speeds up to 856 Mb/sec. However, the bigger news is that Fabrik also launched a new online backup service that efficiently backs up the content of your hard drives to a server.


Fabrik Ultimate Backup is designed to run in the background, sensing when CPU usage is low, and using that time to upload data to their central server. Because the software isn't built into the drive, Fabrik Ultimate Backup onkly works when the computer is running. A variety of parameters, such as file types or specific folders, can be used to determine what gets backed up and Ultimate backup constantly scans for new updates. The files can be reverted to a saved state up to 30 days prior and can be accessed remotely from the web. But it should be noted that files can only be accessed from one computer.

Each Fabrik hard drive purchased comes with a lifetime allocation of 2 GB of online backup. Unlimited backup space is $4.95/month and is compatible with any hard drive, not just Fabrik models. But you do need a PC to run the software. The Pro line of hard drives range between 250GB-2TB of space and will cost between $100-$800.



The drives look decent, and the plan sounds OK, even though there's similar backup plans like sand on a beach.

However, without any word on the noise of the drives, the actual throughput of data, the average upload and download speed and usability of the provided software, this really doesn't say much at all.