Facebook Ad Scammer Fined $100K for Ruining Our Newsfeeds

Illustration for article titled Facebook Ad Scammer Fined $100K for Ruining Our Newsfeeds

Adscend Media is the jerk ad agency responsible for many of the "OMG LOL THIS VIDEO IS SO GOOD JUSTIN BEIBER" links on Facebook that, when clicked, spam the same crap link to your friends. It has just been fined $100,000 by a Washington court for spamming and scamming Facebook users.


The thing is, that $100,000 fine looks tiny compared to the $1.2 million that Adscent Media brings in every month; 80 percent of which comes from the scammy links that, really, should be punishable by orbital bombardment. Facebook itself is trying to legislate stuff like this out of our lives, and this decision is a step in that direction, but there's still a lot of lawyering left to do. [Venture Beat]



Who cares if its 100k or 10 million if not a cent of this money goes to the victims, the facebook people that were scammed. I know they didnt lose any money, but as far as we consumers are concerned, blocking this kind of scams is way more important than fining them