Facebook Is Changing Its Logo and You Probably Won't Even Notice

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The screens, they are a’ changing. Facebook has tweaked its logo for the first time since 2005, and if I hadn’t pointed it out, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed.

Facebook product designer Chris Tauziet announced the logo on Twitter, where he posted a picture of the new logo printed on and on a weird wrinkly tube—possibly a rolled up t-shirt?—that distorts the logo slightly:


The most striking difference between the old design and the new one is the shape of the letter “a.” As Brand New points out, the old “double-story a” has been cut for its simpler, single-story sibling. The kerning has also changed, creating more space between the characters—which themselves are much leaner.

So yes, there is a new logo, and it’s cleaner, crisper, and a little less dated. But what does it mean? The Wall Street Journal claims it’s all about optimizing the look for mobile devices, 1.4 billion users, yadda yadda yadda. Then again—if I hadn’t pointed it out, would you have noticed?


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Top image by Andrew Liszewski via Facebook