Facebook Is Counting How Many Times You Mention Mitt Romney's Hair

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Election election election is all you're going to hear about from now until November 6. In partnership with CNN, Facebook is making sure no one stops talking about presidential race, with the launch of its real-time election insights.


The new tool can be found at CNN.com/FBinsights. Basically it's pretty similar to the election tracker Twitter announced at the beginning of the month. In real-time, Facebook's Election Insights monitors how often people are talking about Obama and Biden as well as Romney and Ryan and where those mentions are happening. It might not be able to pick the winning candidate, but one thing you can be certain of is lots of uninformed political opinions posted to Facebook. Democracy! [Facebook via TheNextWeb]

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It is very scary how many people on facebook think about the candidates. I have a "friend" who is both a Ryan/Romney supporter, and for women's rights including the right to abortion. I think half my brain fell out my ear when I heard that.