Twitter Has an Official Election Tracker and November's Still So Far Away

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In case you're not already sick of the election cycle, Twitter has launched the Political Index, a new election tracker which measures a candidate's performance based on what every regular citizen is saying about them in 140-character form.


It takes every tweet that mentions Obama or Romney and decides whether they're positive or negative, then compares that feeling with all other tweets. Then they get a score—for July 31, the president is at 34, meaning posts about him were more positive than 34 percent of all tweets. Romney was trailing behind at 25. Scores are updated each night. However it doesn't clarify which way things like "free health care" and "taking out Osama Bin Laden" or "dressage" "owning a couple of Cadillacs" are construed.

That said, Twitter thinks it's a pretty accurate way to gauge the overall election sentiment, pointing out that the Political Index's scores has often been pretty similar to Gallup approval ratings for the commander-in-chief. However, Twitter is not necessarily the best sampling of America. We'll see whether people vote with their tweets in November. Oh god, that's a long time. [Twitter]

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I am a coveted female voter in a swing state, and do you want to know who I will vote for? The person who does NOT bombard me with phone calls, e mails and useless pieces of mud slinging in my mail box. Don't tell me how bad the other guy is and how I will suffer under his administration, tell me what you will do for me and how you will positively impact my life and that of my family. Don' bullshit me; I hate that.

And will you survey taking pollsters STOP frigging calling me. I quit answering any call from any number I don't know months ago so it won't do you any good.