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Bloomberg is reporting that Facebook is planning to launch location-based mobile ads, that will use real-time geographical information to target marketing at specific users.


Facebook has been keen to push its advertising efforts since the announcement of its IPO, in a bid to make itself more profitable and, in turn, attractive to investors. Carolyn Everson, Facebook's vice president of global marketing solutions, explained to Bloomberg in an interview:

"Phones can be location-specific so you can start to imagine what the product evolution might look like over time, particularly for retailers. We've had offers being tested over the last couple of months."


Facebook currently allows companies to serve desktop ads to users based on their ZIP code, so really this is the natural progression into the mobile sector. In fact, honestly, it's surprising it's taken so long to happen.

In reality, such a system will likely mean that you're presented with offers, vouchers and all other kinds of promotional material as you walk down the street or check in at a cafe, in the hope that you can be lured to part with a few more dollars spent on something you didn't really want in the first place. What's that you say? You preferred Facebook before the days it was public? Thought so. [Bloomberg]


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