Facebook Might Get a "Want" Button For Products You Desire

Facebook is testing a "Want" button that would allow you to mark products you're interested in much the way you can currently like posts. Oh crap, is Facebook about to turn into Pinterest?

Inside Facebook reports that developer Tom Waddington discovered the button in the Facebook Javascript SDK. It's not currently listed on Facebook's developer page, but he managed to get the button to render on his blog. You can push it, but the page you're on will display an error because it hasn't yet been activated.


Looks like Facebook wants to use Open Graph to learn all about the dope gear you #desire. It makes sense given that sites like Pinterest have essentially turned into repositories for things people want but can't afford. Now if only Facebook would make a button so I can dislike all of the stupid iPhone cases people make. [Tom Waddington via Inside Facebook]

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