Facebook Music Might Not Be Quite What We Expected

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All Things D claims Facebook's rumored Music hub won't allow users to take tracks from services such as Spotify and directly play/control them as originally planned. Instead, you'll be directed to an external site or player.


This is certainly a bummer for some, as music sites such as Soundcloud and Bandcamp allow some of this functionality when people use their links in Facebook profiles. But adding to the intrigue is news that Spotify CEO Daniel EK and Turntable.fm CEO Billy Chasen will speak at Thursday's f8 conference. [AllThingsD, TechCrunch]


Kitsune Hazard

Why does Facebook even need music or movie integration at all? It's a social network site...many of the music streaming and movie sites already have ways to share what you're listening to with people on Facebook anyway. This is all starting to get close to Myspace territory with too much...