Facebook Testing Automatic Photo Sync for Android

Illustration for article titled Facebook Testing Automatic Photo Sync for Android

Facebook is testing a new photo sync system which automatically uploads photos taken on Android handsets to the web.


If that sounds familiar, that's because it is: Google+ already features an instant photo-upload feature which uploads all your shots to the cloud. Like Google's system, Facebook's new feature ensures your pictures remain private, placing them in a "Synced from Phone" tab inside your Photos page.

The sync feature currently appears to be available to a very small number of users, but there's already a help page up online so it's very much real. To find out if you're one of the users who have the feature enabled, navigate to your timeline on your Android, hit Photos, and see if there's a sync button at the bottom.

It's currently unclear if this feature will be rolled out more widely. But it seems likely. [Facebook via Verge]


Does FB still claim all your content as theirs ? If so, unless this is an opt in feature then they are effectively stealing your copyright