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Facebook Wants to Be Your Instapaper Now, Too

Illustration for article titled Facebook Wants to Be Your Instapaper Now, Too

It must be flattering to be Marco Arment, creator Instapaper and pioneer of putting articles aside to read in the bathroom. His app's imitators are legion, and have grown by a very intimidating one: Facebook. Its "save for later" feature is no Instapaper. But it may not have to be.


The new service, just rolling out today according to iMore, is available on both Facebook apps and And how it works will be familiar to anyone who's, well, saved for later before. When you're on mobile, press a post you'd like to read at another time, and you'll be prompted with the option to put it in a Saved folder. On your desktop, the option will appear as a button below each article.

The contents of your Saved folder are private, and you'll be able to access them from your menu sidebar. Like Instapaper, it keeps interesting articles in your digital satchel for when you actually have time to read them. Unlike Instapaper, it doesn't appear to let you read things offline, or format them prettily, or have advanced sharing features (which, presumably you're already doing that, you're on Facebook, dummy). Then again, it doesn't cost anything, either.


We haven't seen the service pop up yet on our devices, but expect it to be hitting soon. [iMore]

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Brian Barrett

To be honest, I don't use Facebook on my phone enough for this to really be a difference-maker for me. But are there any Facebook mobile fans who see this as a boon?