Facebook, Why Would You Go and Take Down Roger Ebert's Fan Page? (UPDATED)

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Roger Ebert pissed off more than a few people with his comments yesterday about Ryan Dunn's death (allegedly, the Jackass star was drunk driving). Apparently enough people complained (or trolled) that Facebook took Ebert's page down.


Ebert took to Twitter, posting this:

Facebook has removed my page in response, apparently, to malicious complaints from one or two jerks.

And also this:

Facebook! My page is harmless and an asset to you. Why did you remove it in response to anonymous jerks? Makes you look bad.

It's not entirely sure what the exact complaints were that got the page taken down, but it seems like the page was automatically taken down by the servers without human review. And I assume Facebook would restore the account after they look into it.

UPDATE: A Facebook rep says that the page was taken down by mistake:

"The page was was removed in error. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Problem solved? [Roger Ebert]



I can not stand Ebert. Yeah you were a big reviewer back when the silver screen was actually still silver. Now he are not in touch with the common 20 or 30 something since he thinks that one dimensional characters and explosive special effects ruin a movie. I could care less about drama and superb acting. I want to go to a movie to be entertained! I want to see a giant robot bust the shit out of another giant robot. I want to see explosions that are not the least bit real. I want gun fights and action. Something that I can not experience every day. Something exciting. I dont want to watch some 2 hour long drama about a man trying to find himself or his way in life. I just dont care. I am doing that myself and watching someone else do it bores the living shit out of me. If I want to expand my mind I will read a book and use MY imagination and knowledge to expand my mind. I came to see a light cycle battle and gobble up all the EYE candy I can. That is why I go to the movies, to experience something wild and crazy that will not be possible in real life.

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