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Spotify and Facebook have already teamed up by way of the friends list in the latest social update, but there's speculation something even more incestuous is going on. Could Facebook be working on a music service similar to Spotify?


Their hiring of Spotify's chief designer Rasmus Andersson certainly suggests Facebook is doing something in the music field. Then again, Spotify has such a strong reputation in Europe so it could be that Facebook just admires their work. Or you could think that, if it weren't for a post on his personal blog from June—

I believe Facebook is a very interesting entity which is changing the way we look at the internet in large - I'm thrilled and very happy to become a part of that. For me, working with basic human needs (music, social interaction, etc) in an aspect where peoples lives are being improved, has always been the focus of my professional life, thus both Spotify and now Facebook.


One of the better features in Spotify is the ability to share playlists with Facebook friends right there within the desktop client. It's like rifling through their brains and picking out their favorite tunes—so it's an obvious hire for Facebook.

He joins the company in October, so they might just get the hop on Google, who is also rumored to be planning a cloud-based music service for this winter. [The Hunch Digest via PaidContent via Fast Company]

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