Spotify Now Allows iTunes Libraries To Be Uploaded

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Available now if you live in Europe or are particularly handy with an IP override, Spotify's just released the latest version of the desktop client. iTunes libraries can be uploaded to Spotify for accessing anywhere, and social features added too.

The biggest news is that iTunes integration, called Library—being able to ditch iTunes altogether will be a breath of fresh air for some. Uploading your entire music library to Spotify, and being able to access it anywhere is a great move for them—particularly when some artists, such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd aren't on Spotify.


Spotify Social is the name for the integration of Facebook friends, where you'll be able to send playlists to one another easily and see what everyone's listening to. It could be a little embarrassing though, so I'm hopeful you can opt in and out of sharing your musical habits. No-one needs to know just how often I listen to the same song on repeat.

Over a dozen new features have been added, but do check out the video below for a run-through of the best.


The new version of Spotify is available to download now if you live in a Spotify-friendly country. US of A residents, your launch should be happening sometime this summer. They haven't forgotten about you. [Spotify]