Facebook's concept drones look crazy cool, your SSD is about to get way better, and pics of the new LG G4 (maybe). This is all the news and rumors you missed yesterday, all on BitStream.

Facebook has plans for everything. Plans to build the matrix. Plans to strap VR to your face. And plans to shoot internet lasers from the sky with drones. Let's talk about that last one for a second. The image above is the latest render from the F8 conference of what Facebook's crazy drone tech will look like. Codenamed Aquila, this drone has the wingspan comparable to a Boeing 767 but still weighs less than a car. But the real nuts-o idea is these things will fly for three months via solar power at 60,000-90,000 feet. This may be my absolute favorite drone. [TechCrunch]


Apps and Devices

The latest Apple Watch competition is called the Olio, a $600-$745 smartwatch that can sync up with iOS or Android. That price though. [Forbes]

Intel says new 3D NAND flash tech will triple the storage of solid-state drives. This. Now. Please. [PCWorld]

Apple is releasing the first batch of Apple Watch apps. [9to5Mac]

LG's Watch Urbane, an LTE, Web-OS smartwatch that looks suspiciously similar to the LG G Watch R, launched in South Korea for a lot of $$$. $590-ish to be exact. [Android Central]



HTC might have blown it with their latest flagship, but 2016's flagship might (finally) include wireless charging. [CTimes]


WhatsApp may soon tap into Google Drive to backup your conversations and data so you can move among devices with ease. [DroidApp.nl]

Google's Ingress AR game is so popular, it may become a television show. [The Information]


Is this the new LG G4? [Android Central]


Also, this bike is weird, man.

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