Facebook's 'Sports Stadium' Is a Dedicated Place to Talk About the Big Game

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If you’re watching that game of football without your buddies, Facebook thinks it can help make the experience a little more social. Sport Stadium provides a place to chat about what’s happening with your friends, along with providing live stats and expert insights.


While many people take to Twitter while watching sports, Facebook presumably reckons that others prefer to see what their closest friends have to say about the action. Currently available only on iPhone in the US, Sport Stadium provides four tabs: one with play-by-play details, a second with updates about the game from your friends, a third with insights from verified experts, and a fourth with live stats.

There won’t be any live footage—all the data comes from Sportradar rather than sports networks—because it’s designed to complement watching the game on TV. For now the feature will only work with American football games, but soccer and basketball are expected to be supported soon. It’s also expected to make it to Android before long.



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why only on iphones? why only in the us? why only american handegg? don’t these guys want worldwide success?