Faithful Recreations Belong On ABC Family, Says Land of Lost Director

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Land Of The Lost director Brad Silberling has been talking about remaking a cult favorite and, in the process, may have isolated what makes a revamp work (Hint: It's not slavish fan service).

Talking to the Wall Street Journal, Silbering was asked about whether he was concerned about backlash from Land's more hardcore fans. Not so much, he explained:

Yes, some fans will be upset, but in the end, they don't necessarily want to go out and spend their time and money on a completely faithful recreation that you could find on the ABC Family Channel. What they'll appreciate is that the film is subversive, yet born of hard core fans. Even though I love the show, I purposefully prepared for it without revisiting the old series. I wanted to work purely off my memory, and recapture the essence and cool factor of what I loved as a kid.


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