Fake UFO in Haiti Video Creator Uncovered

Remember the badass "UFO in Haiti" video that was all the rage last week? Big surprise, guys: It was a fake. The LA Times did some investigating and figured out just who was behind the convincing video.


Yeah, I know, you wanted to believe. But it turns out the video was an exercise by a French computer animator who did work for the Michel Gondry stunner Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The UFO video was just an experiment, something he whipped up in one day and threw online. He did it as a test for a movie he's working on, but wasn't trying to make a viral hit or anything. Because somehow he didn't realize that an amazingly realistic and awesome UFO video would catch on on YouTube. Welcome to the internet, Frenchy. [LA Times]


Pedro S

I hate those washlet ads! I'm sure they have gotten many people into trouble at work with aggressive spam filters. I once got an odd look myself by having another site with the washlet ad on it just sitting there on my screen. GO AWAY HAPPY BUMS.

And this UFO video is a pretty nice hoax. There are a ton of ufo vids all over youtube.. They at least look better than the bigfoot videos!