Fall In Joe Dante's Big 3-D Hole

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Gremlins director, and beloved genre movie maker, Joe Dante has released the trailer of his new film titled The Hole. Plus the remember the murderous tire named Robert? He's back and blowing up your mind this time with a trailer!

The Hole

The Hole is exactly what you think it is, a group of kids find a seemingly bottomless pit in their new home. No surprise here, the pit is evil and it's up to the kids to stop the madness from pouring out of it. Here's the official long-winded synopsis:

Life couldn't possibly get worse, or so thought 17 year old Dane and his 10 year old brother Lucas, when their single mother Susan uproots them from New York City to the sleepy little town of Bensonville. For Dane the only exciting thing about their new town is the beautiful girl next door, Julie. With Susan spending more and more time at work, Dane and Lucas are left unattended to explore the depths of their eerie new residence.

With Dane paying more attention to Julie, he has far less time and patience for his little brother. But then everything changes when they find a sinister bottomless hole under a locked trap door in the basement. As the brothers experiment with the hole they realize that the cold pit goes on forever. They drop a nail and never hear it hit bottom. They lower a flashlight and a video camera and they get consumed by the darkness. Hoping for some answers about the houses past, Dane and Lucas bring Julie in on their new discovery. When the hole is exposed, evil is unleashed. With strange shadows lurking around every corner and past nightmares coming to life, the trio will have to come face to face their darkest fears to put an end to THE HOLE.




Who needs Christine the evil car when you can role with Robert the evil tire. No, I'm not screwing around this is an actual movie. How soon we forget the collection of head exploding stills we showed off a few months back of Robert's handy work. The basic premise of this film, Robert, the tire, comes to life and starts exploding heads left and right with his new found telepathic gifts.



A group of spectators is watching a mock-projection in the middle of the desert. They make comments on the scenes of the "film" as it is occurring before their eyes: Robert, a tire that has been abandoned in the desert, suddenly comes to life, for no reason. He learns how to get around, explores the desert and discovers in himself a passion for destroying insects and various lost items. Robert soon develops a telepathic gift, which gives him the ability to destroy anything he wants, without moving...

Rorrim Bo and the Magic Goblet 3D

Twitch pointed out this crazy little Russian fantasy flick. And any film that has furry little 3-D creatures like this is going to haunt our nightmares forever. "Station???" Anyone? Anyone?


Russia continues to surprise with great scifi and fantasy almost every month. Let's not forget the good-looking Russian space war/pants party that was Inhabited Island, and plus Black Lightning looks exceptionally sharp. Here's the official synopsis, and I'm very intrigued for a family fantasy film. Let's hope Magic Goblet follows in that path. Here's the official synopsis:

Long-long ago, inhabitants of fantasy country drove evil witch Werghilda out into our world and put her spirit into magical goblet. This happened more than 500 years ago. In our times the goblet was found, and the evil spirit of the witch was released and got into female Pioneer organizer in the pioneer camp. And now she needs fears to restore her powers and to return back to fantasy land. The one who can resist her is Rorrim Bo, the son of the one who put witch into the goblet. The problem is that he's not as courageous as his father.