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Fall Into This Mesmerizing Timelapse Of Famous European Buildings

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Even if you've never seen them in person, we've all gotten glimpses of the Palace of Westminster or the Arc de Triomphe on television, in magazines or wherever. And most likely those brief encounters have even been high res. But Luke Shepard's Nightvision takes images of famous European architecture to a whole new level.

The project involved shooting in 36 cities in 21 countries over the course of three months. Shepard combined thousands of photos, stabilized in post-production, to create the video above. Maybe it's the night lighting or the effects used to homogenize the photos, but the result is a sort of surreal aesthetic. The landmarks look so perfect that you sort of feel like you're falling into them. And the piece really plays with depth and scale. Take a gander. [Vimeo Staff Picks]