Because nothing says relaxation like sitting in a white bubble in the middle of a lake, the Sealander amphibious camping trailer combines the awkwardness of hauling a trailer with the potential water crisis of tipping over in a lake.

The German-designed amphibious camping trailer features double-sealed air chambers and a bowl-shaped bottom to keep the "boat" afloat. Thanks to the shallow undercarriage, the trailer can be set a drift from any shoreline with adequate clearance without the use of a boat launch. Navigate the lake with an electric outboard engine while basking in the sun by removing the escape hatch trailer's roof.


The Sealander's interior can be arranged to accommodate campers sitting, or lying down and staring up at the stars. Modules are situated at the front of the trailer and include a fully-equipped kitchen, heater, and cooler.

The Sealander is expected to arrive in 2012 and will set camper/sailors back about $20,000. [Sealander via Oh Gizmo!]

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