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Falling Skies is turning into a show about the dangers of understanding your enemy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The mysterious aliens on Falling Skies are slowly getting less mysterious as the show goes on. We've had more contact with the harnessed kids, including Ben but also the still-harnessed Karen. We've learned about a Skitter uprising. And Tom has spent some time aboard an alien ship.

But this increasing familiarity with the alien invaders opens up a whole new set of questions: Can you trust people like Ben or Tom, who've spent time with the invaders? And when you realize that some of the aliens are just as oppressed as we humans are, does that make it harder to kill them?

We spoke to the stars of Falling Skies last weekend at Comic Con, and raised these questions.


"It's interesting to have Ben in this conversation," says Sarah Carter, who plays Maggie. "Maggie is definitely noticing Ben has strengths that could be an asset to the Second Mass, and there's obviously a brotherly connection between Hal and Ben." But at the same time, the question of whether you can trust Ben continues to be a major factor, for the rest of the season — as we see more evidence that his harness can control him.

"That storyline continues," with both Ben and Tom, says star Noah Wyle. "Those divisions and suspicions of familiarity of being in close contact with the aliens definitely creates divides within the group. And rightly so." And in order to be able to kill the Skitters effectively, you have to see them as the "other," which means that understanding them too much can make your job harder.


But meanwhile, as more people have contact with the aliens in different ways, "we're finding out tidbits of information about them," says Drew Roy, who plays Hal Mason. "In the grand scheme of things, that does nothing but help. Because any time you're fighting an enemy you know nothing about, your mind can go wild with what all it can be."

"Know your enemy," adds Carter.

As for the notion that some of the Skitters could be allies in the fight against the alien Overlords, Wyle says, "Is it 'the enemy of my enemy is my enemy,' or is the enemy of my enemy my friend?"