Family Requests Lego Donations for Children's Hospital Cancer Patients

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11-year old Joshua Thornton battled cancer for over two years, before sadly passing away last month. He endured radiation treatments, powerful drugs, and a bone marrow transplant. Through it all, he found the most joy by playing with Lego. In his honor, his family are now asking for Lego donations for area hospitals.


"He never complained about anything he was going through" says his father Danny, "Although his body might be confined to a hospital bed, his mind could be in Legoland." The only time Joshua would express disappointment was when the hospital would run out of Lego. So far his folks have collected 60 boxes, but they're not stopping there.

Joshua's mother Sarah says that families undergoing cancer treatments often can't afford to buy new toys. So in Joshua's memory they're determined to provide as many Lego sets as they can to area hospitals, in addition to setting up a nonprofit for cancer research.

Every Lego box that's donated will go directly to the Children's Hospital in either Macon or Egelston in Atlanta, and will come affixed with a sticker that reads "Joshua's Smiles."

You can contact the Thorton's at


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Thank you for sharing this story. I'm hoping that it gets spread around and that the family gets more Lego than they know what to do with!